2 Day Roman Pizza Masterclass (plus Detroit Style!)
with "Pizza Artista" Massimiliano Saieva and Master Pizzaiolo Rob Cervoni
TUITION | $1800
September 23-24, 2024
Fiero Headquarters | 601 N Main St. Brewster, New York
Jump Headfirst into this Fast-Growing Artisanal Pizza Style Today!

course introduction

Jump Headfirst into Roman Pizza

Welcome to the 2 Day Roman Pizza Masterclass! In this class, you’ll learn everything you need to know about making authentic Roman-style pizza.

We’ll start with a brief history of the dish, followed by a crash course in dough-making. You’ll learn how to use the mixer, proof and ferment your dough, and get the perfect water-to-salt-to-olive oil-to-yeast ratio.

Then we’ll move on to oven usage, and you’ll learn how to make classic types of Roman pizza: pizza al taglio, pizza alla pala, and focaccia. Finally, you’ll run through a hands-on mock Roman pizza kitchen, where you’ll learn how to work in real-world conditions.

Lastly, uncover the secrets of crafting Detroit-style pizza. Delve into its unique characteristics, from the thick, airy crust to the distinctive rectangular shape. Master techniques for perfect caramelized cheese edges and achieving an ideal balance of sauce and toppings. Explore the rich flavors and textures that make Detroit-style pizza a culinary sensation.

Roman Style Pizza Masterclass with Rob Cervoni and Massimiliano Saieva
Massimiliano Saieva and Rob Cervoni teaching



Massimiliano was born on August 13, 1973, in Palermo, Italy and studied at the National University of Pizza in Rome, after which he opened and ran multiple successful Roman-style pizzerias in Europe and the Americas. He now dedicates his time to educating hundreds of chefs around the world on the art of Roman pizza-making.

Rob Cervoni is a renowned Roman style pizzaiolo and founder of the highly awarded Taglio Pizza in Mineola, NY (Long Island). His focus on authentic pizza al taglio has brought him recognition as one of the foremost pizzaiolo working in the Roman tradition in the USA today.

Roman pizza al taglio pulled out of electric oven
Fiero test kitchen with Castelli oven
Teaching Roman pizza al taglio class


Course Details

September 23


Welcome and Introduction
Essential Elements for Making Roman Pizza
Theory and fermentation process
Chemistry of highly hydrated Roman dough
Use of the 2-speed spiral mixer with dough breaker; making 80% Hydration dough
The Secrets of Dual Temp Ovens and Gas
Shaping Dough Balls/Stretching
Learning how to use Roman Pan Grippers
Baking Roman Pizza Bases: pizza bianca, tomato pizza

September 24

Arrival and Check In
Baking Roman all pizzas bases: Vegetables, Crostini, Pizza in Pala
Gourmet Roman Pizzas
Procedures Manual with: theory, Dough formulas, oven settings, gourmet pizza recipes
Secrets to Detroit Style Pizza: Dough, Crust, Toppings and Crown
Inventory of equipment and tools for opening a Roman Pizzeria.
Please note: After the Full Immersion we’ll keep in touch being sure that our students are doing everything right in their establishment.
Whether you are interested in opening a Roman style pizzeria (Pizza al Taglio & Pala), looking to incorporate this fast-growing pizza style in your pizzeria, or simply interested in learning this beautiful art, you have finally found your solution.

Our 2 day masterclass will enable you to learn hands-on from both “Pizza Artista”, Massimiliano Saieva, and Master Pizzaiolo Rob Cervoni; renowned pioneers of Roman pizza in the USA!

Click on the link to enroll and learn to bake delicious and authentic Roman style pizza – all built upon grounded knowledge in true Roman techniques!

*Seating limited to twelve registrants*

You’ll need:

  • Items for notetaking
  • Kitchen shoes (non-slip)
The workshop will take place in the commercial demonstration kitchen located at the Fiero headquarters at 601 N Main St, Brewster, NY 10509.

If you are traveling to attend the workshop, you might consider staying at the Hotel Zero Degrees in Danbury, CT – a 12 minute drive from the workshop facility. Contact the hotel directly by phone via 203-730-9200 or visit their website at https://www.hotelzerodegrees.com/hotels/danbury/

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