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OperaPrima Dough Stretching Robot for Commercial Pizzerias

Dough Stretching Shelf

Dough ball is placed on the center of the dough shelf within the diameter of the illuminated ring. Simply close the door, wait 10-15 seconds, and open the shelf to reveal the perfectly stretched dough.


Quick Operator Buttons

These quick operator buttons allow easy access to basic operations, such as stopping and resetting the dough stretching process; as well as blinking to signal that the dough stretching process is underway.


Touch Screen Control Panel

This industrial-quality resistive touchscreen panel is robust, usable with gloves, and easily cleanable. It allows the operator to choose from saved dough recipes, alter dough recipes on the fly, and access diagnostic information. It can be connected to the Internet for remote access and data upload/download.


Incredible Pizza Style Variation

Thanks to the 5 attributes assigned with values of 1-10, you can create over 30,000 unique dough recipes, ensuring your ideal style is available! These attributes include "overall thickness", "stretching diameter", "crust size/depth", "speed of stretching", and "additional stretching time". Fiero's culinary team will help you design the proper recipes for your desired results.


Bake in Any Oven

Any 10"-18" round pizza style is capable of being stretched by the OperaPrima and baked in a wood, gas, or electric oven - either directly on the floor, or on a pizza screen.

Close up of pizza crust stretched with OperaPrima dough stretching robot

OperaPrima Dough Stretcher with Dough Shelf Open
OP42 Smart Dough Stretcher with open shelf
OperaPrima –
CoolStretch® Technology

OperaPrima employs the patented CoolStretch® system which uses a specialized cold working technique that mimics human hands


Creates a Well-Defined Crust

Creates a well-defined crust edge, with the ability to adjust its thickness and width via the touch screen panel

Retains Hand-Made Style

The unique process ensures consistency while it continues to resemble an expertly produced hand-made product

Avoids Dough Stress

Eliminates heating or overworking the dough via friction
Built for Performance
Designed to deliver skillful automation in a rigorous, durable package.

Easy for anyone to use with plug & play operation in a compact steel chassis and familiar touch screen operator panel.

No need to sacrifice taste and quality for the ease of automation
Save up to 5 unique recipes that can be run at the touch of a button
10″-18″ STRETCH
Switch from stretching a 10″ pizza to an 18″ pizza in seconds
Define your own desired crust in your recipes – the only standard is yours!
Stretch up to 200 pizzas per hour with a single operator – no experience needed
No dough or pizza-making training is needed to operate the OperaPrima

Over 30,000 Unique Dough Stretch Results

The OperaPrima smart dough stretcher provides over 30,000 unique dough stretching combinations based on the 5 attributes that control the CoolStretch® working process. Whether you desire a thin and flat 10″ pizza for a crispy bake, or an 18″ pizza with a thick, puffy crust with bubbles, almost any potential result can be achieved.
Technical Data
Download specs and CAD symbols. Learn more about the technical characteristics of the OperaPrima
Physical Data
Operating Characteristics
Hourly Dough Production

– 200 pizzas/hr

Individual Stretching Time

– 12 to 15 seconds

Individual Dough Portion Weight

– 2.5 to 25 Oz

Min-Max Stretching Diameter

– 10″ to 18″

Acceptable Flour Types

– Type 00, Type 0, Type 1, Spelt, Rye, Kamut, and other standard pizza dough flors

Overall Dimensions (W x D x H)

– 25.6″ x 29″ x 35.5″

Net Weight

– 287 lbs

Electrical Requirements
Phase / Voltage / Frequency

– 1 Phase / 115V / 60 Hz


– 750 W

Plug Type

– Standard NEMA 5-15P plug

Technical Characteristics
The appliance chassis is manufactured from thick black powdercoated steel with stainless steel scratch guards. The appliance is supported on 4 adjustable heigh steel legs. The dough stretching shelf can be completely removed from the internal dough stretching zone for ease of complete cleaning & maintenance.

The dough stretching shelf features a stainless steel construction with a Teflon® stretching plate that features an embedded LED ring light to guide placement of the dough for stretching. The shelf can be disassembled and the stretching plate can be easily removed/replaced without special tools.

Touch Screen Panel / Internet Connectivity
The 7″ touch screen panel features a LED-backlit resistive color display with a 800 x 480 TFT LCD. There are two Ethernet ports provided on the back of the OperaPrima chassis allowing for Internet connection and diagnostic reports.

The touch screen panel system provides the ability to create and store up to 5 different dough recipes simultaneously and features multi-lingual capabilities.

Shipping & Installation
Install the OperaPrima on a tabletop surface that is even, stable, and minimizes vibration. Regular operation requires a standard NEMA 5-15 plug to a 1 phase 15 Amp circuit. Internet connection requires a wired Ethernet connection or dedicated WiFi extender connection.
• Ships LTL freight
• Ships on fumigated wood pallet with carton crate
• Includes removable steel handles for lifting and moving

Spec Sheet

Architect Files




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Fiero Group.
Main Headquarters
601 North Main Street
Brewster, NY 10509

Test Kitchen: Brewster, NY
601 North Main St
Brewster, NY 10509

Demo Test Kitchen: Manhattan, NY
66 Gold St
New York, NY 10038

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