Roberta’s – Brooklyn

Category: Traditional Pavesi Ovens
Client: Roberta’s
Date: Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Now world renowned as the nexus of the hipster artisan pizza movement in America, Roberta’s began as something of a mixture of an experimental project and a restaurant. Opened by a group of friends and associates in the warehouse district of Bushwick, Brooklyn with not much more than a Pavesi traditional brick oven and a few ideas on how to make a great pizza, Roberta’s experienced a meteoric rise to success, with constant write ups in the New York Times and major epicurean publications. Roberta’s now consistently ranks in the top 5 pizzerias in America, with reams of pizzerias trying to emulate their style and success.

Roberta’s embodies the concept of the artisan food movement, taking care to treat each step of the pizza-making process equally importantly. From dough preparation to in-house mozzarella cheese-making, Roberta’s doesn’t concern itself with emulating a style, but only making great quality pizza.