Connie’s Pizza – Gold Coast

Category: Rotating Pizza Ovens
Client: Connie’s Pizza
Date: Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Connie’s Pizza is a household name in Chicago, renowned for their pizza for over 50 years. Connie’s has been the official pizza for the Chicago White Sox, Cubs, Bulls, Fire, and the Flames sports teams. When Connie’s decided to expand into the fast-casual artisan pizza market, they turned to the Pavesi Twister. They currently operate two Pavesi Twisters, one at their State St ‘Gold Coast’ location, and the other in the food court of the McCormick place, the largest convention center in North America. The Gold Coast location pictured above is at the base of the 1030 N State Street Skyscraper in the heart of Chicago.

Forza Forni provided full design, consultation and installation on this project.

Forza Forni technicians first installed the oven and gas burner in place, then continued to execute the memorable rising-sun tile work that was created in conjunction with the Connie’s Pizza and Forza Forni design team. A Steno Diving Arm Mixer was installed to provide the highest quality dough mixing possible.

Forza Forni chef/consultant Peter de Jong also visited the site to lead the forming of a new dough recipe, the first change in Connie’s dough recipe in almost 50 years. This dough change recipe was also reflected in their McCormick Place Convention Center location